I say do it in whatever interests you the most, even if it doesn't relate directly to your field (and you may be surprised what things you're able to connect to your field once you've studied them). As I understand it a lot of graduate programs like to see well rounded individuals. Besides, this may be the last time… » 9/30/14 3:20pm Tuesday 3:20pm


You guise should be proud. You're part of an amazing community. Your generosity is awesome. I've watched this group come together to help support members through troubles, and pitch in for fun experiences. So I'd just like to call attention to a cause for one of our own that is very special, and will have an impact… » 9/30/14 3:14pm Tuesday 3:14pm

It's something a lot of people do. You're not alone in that. And don't let the guilt tear you up. You've changed what you're doing and you weren't letting them outside for malicious reasons. I'm glad to hear you're keeping your kitties in from now on because it benefits them, local bird populations and neighbors but… » 9/30/14 12:11pm Tuesday 12:11pm

Jewelry Prototypes Take II, Opinions Please

Here's a few *rough* pieces I slapped together this evening just to get a feel for my ideas. Keep in mind all the chains are short because I only bought a little to dick around with. Also keep in mind I didn't want to invest in multiple styles or colors of chains/findings. Also note that these are shitty iPhone… » 9/27/14 1:10am Saturday 1:10am

GT (especially Whovians and Geeks) I NEED YOUR ASSISTANCE

ETA 2: After PaperAngua's comment I realized my understanding of fandom jewelry was severely wrong. So the Doctor Who-themed prototypes will remain prototypes. I will consider the possibility of creating interesting enough *legal* ideas unrelated to any fandom and post again if anything comes to me. » 9/26/14 5:38pm Friday 5:38pm